Terms Of Agreement

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Your Agreement

By using, opening, or/and interacting with TheHolyAwakening.com you are agreeing to these Terms and our Privacy Policy located in the navigational menu. If you do not agree, you must immediatly leave the website.


Contributors donating or making a purchase of any kind in any way have no right to income or property of TheHolyAwakening.com, same applies to donated property and electronic and/or digital files.

There are no refunds.

Community Member and Guest Terms

We reserve the right to terminate and remove your account, content, posts, and files at any time, without notice.

You may not remove your account or delete it at all. Once you have registered the account is permanent.

Staff Terms and Conditions

As a team member anything and everthing you post and contribute becomes the property of TheHolyAwakening.com to use and keep. When you leave the team or are taken off the team the same terms apply.

We reserve the right to terminate you from the team, remove your account and content and posts at anytime for any reason, without notice.

Team roles are completely volunteer at this time, not paid roles. Do not expect to receive money.

Third Parties

On TheHolyAwakening.com we link and post from and to third party’s. You interacting with third party’s and third party content are doing so at your own risk. We are not liable for anything that occurs while doing so. We do although do our best to make sure that everything here at TheHolyAwakening.com is safe to use.

Sponsors and Advertisers

We reserve the right to deny or discontinue any advertisement at anytime without notice.

There are no refunds.