Make Me A Believer Course

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The following video’s teach you how to get and how keep your salvation and really experience the Lord. You must have faith and give yourself to him completely and truly repent to start. You must take a leap of faith and believe in Jesus. The following video’s teach you the process of walking with the Lord to experience him. When you need him strongly ask him to pour his spirit over you and his presence and he will. You cannot experience the Lord if you keep your mind away from him. Get very creative with your prayer and full of true heart. Keep going everyday until you get a sign. Remember sometimes it takes a while of doing all of this to get what your looking for, keep at it with a true loving heart open to Jesus inviting him to live in you. Let Jesus lead your life and steps. Watch for the little things too and do not go into denial. Recognize it and believe. You have to dive in by faith. You will get it eventually, watch this stuff and put it to practice. If you don’t give effort with an open mind you will not understand what we mean when we tell you the Lord Jesus is real and The True and Living God. Please believe. It’s amazing to encounter the Love of Jesus. Remember to thank him and be greatful. Remember always that He loves you with a love greater than any. So much that he died on the Cross of Calvary for you.

This video talks about trusting Gods timing and how to experience him and keep him close.

This video follows up on the video above.